Say hello to these two newbies Mims and Garfield. They arrived in our care through no fault of their own after their owner signed them over to the RSPCA Inspectorate. Garfield is such a sweet boy who is near enough blind and relies a lot on Mims to find his way around. He has adapted to his surroundings and feels his way round by putting out his paw and using his whiskers. Garfield would need to be an indoor cat due to his poor eyesight. He is also on a renal diet and medication for his kidneys which is he is still under the vet for and may and need to continue this in a home after having some repeat tests done. Mims is a very confident girl who loves human interaction. She loves it so much that she even uses humans as a climbing frame. Mims is Hyperthyroid which is being managed with medication. We are hoping that this doesn't put people off as they are such a sweet pair who deserve the nicest forever home together! 

If you feel as though you could offer them the home they are looking for then please fill out and submit the interest form below.