Please say a squeaky (ever so slightly high pitched) hello to our trio of pretty piggies Stella, Oreo and Biscuit. These girls have arrived in our care after their previous owner was no longer able to provide them with the care and attention they require and has therefore asked for our help in finding them their happy ever afters. These 3 are extremely close and will more often than not choose to lay with each other in the same hideout for cosiness. Stella is the 'Mum' of the group and is extremely proud of 'her' youngsters Oreo and Biscuit, they often follow Stella about but also like to feel grown up at times when they try to venture out of the hideout alone (usually only for a short burst…they're soon back in the cosy nook as the trio). These girls are looking for a home where they will have plenty to squeak excitably about and learn what it is to popcorn when the excitement gets way too much to know what to do with. 

If you feel you have the home these girls are dreaming of night after night then please fill out the interest form below for them.