Please say hello to these cheeky, highly energetic lads Quasimodo, Claude, Clopin and Pierre. These brothers were brought in to us after their previous owner was unfortunately no longer able to provide them with the care and attention they needed. All super energetic guys who love nothing more than organising their home with plentiful time being spent digging out tunnels and making it just to their liking (before the re-organising can then start again! ;D ). Quasimodo is definitely the ring leader here with his 3 Brothers happily following his every move….one thing is for sure these guys are bound to keep their new family entertained with all the antics they get up to…never a dull moment with this foursome about I assure you! They even sleep sweetly cuddled up together and never fail to warm your heart with their closeness. If you feel your family has the space in it for 4 charismatic cheeky little guys such as these please fill out an interest form for them and you can come and say hi to them in person.