Please say hello to our little Pudding (make sure you have the right end for his ears though as it can sometimes be quite challenging as he is quite a fluff ball!) Pudding has arrived at Danaher as his previous owner was no longer able to provide him with the care and attention he requires. Little Pudding is looking for a forever home where he can hop about and binky until his little heart is content, he's an extremely friendly chap who loves a fuss and will happily sit still for a groom which is just as well as he has the kind of coat that requires regular brushing and will need to be kept on top of to prevent his soft fur becoming matted. If you feel that you have room enough in your heart and home for a cheeky little chap like Pudding then please fill out an interest form for him or contact staff at Danaher and come say hi to the little man in person.