Please say hello to this very handsome little man Miles. Miles has found himself in our care after being found sightseeing in London, London being no place for a bunny to be hopping around he was quickly caught up and brought in to us to find him a loving family home of his own…. His days of a stray are long gone! Miles is one very energetic little bun who is very much full of character, he is in to anything and everything and promises to keep his new family on their toes as they try to keep up with him. He is not only looking for a new abode but he would also like there to be pretty little girlfriend for him too so he can share all the happy times he has planned with another, he promises to cherish his future girlfriend and treat her as the princess he knows she will be. If you are looking for a boyfriend for a lonely doe and feel you have the forever home Miles has been searching for then please fill in an interest form for him.