Please say hello to our beautiful little piggy Lottie, she has arrived at Danaher after being found as a stray. Lottie is a fairly timid girl and chooses to hide away from sight at the moment but with gentle, regular handling (and the handing out of some occasional tasty treats!) she should gain confidence and start to come forward for a fuss. Once out of her cage she loves her cuddles, it is only her initial fears that are preventing her from being more forthcoming at the moment. Little Lottie would absolutely love the company of another piggy/piggies in her forever home whether that be a neutered boar or a sow/sows… happy ever afters are always that bit more happy with a friend or loved one to share them with.

If you would love for Lottie to come and join your family then please fill out and submit the interest form below.