Please say hello to our precious little Hazel, she has arrived at Danaher with her 4 scrumptious babies after their previous owner wasn't able to cope any longer with the number of rabbits she had, she has asked for our help in finding them their loving forever homes. Hazel is looking for her forever home with the view to have a companion to have all to herself or to go with one of her babies as she has been a particularly devoted Mummy to them all and would love to have a pair with her for keeps. She loves a fuss and has such a cute trusting temperament. Hazel has been very forthcoming in sharing her babies with the staff here and thus making them very confident, outgoing bunnies so she has every right to be the super proud Mum that she is. If you feel you could offer Hazel (and Nutmeg) a happy every after then please fill out an interest form for them or contact staff at Danaher.