Please say hello to this beautiful pair of piggies Carolina and Georgia, They have arrived in our care after their previous owner found themselves a little overrun with piggies and therefore asked our help in finding loving forever homes for them all. Unfortunately it would seem they haven't had very much human interaction and are therefore still quite nervous of being around humans but regular handling, soft talking and of course the giving out of treats (we all know how the way to a piggies heart is through his/her tummy don’t we) should all help us see much more confident piggies who will actually crave the fuss and attention we will all willingly give. 

If you would like to offer Carolina and Georgia their forever home please fill out the interest form below for them. 

*** Please note there will be a short delay in these piggies being ready for their forever home while we have them on pregnancy watch, you can however still fill in a form for them and when we are certain there aren't any babies we will then be ready to rehome them.