Please say hello to the handsome Fluffbutt (buck) and  the scrumptious Nectar (doe). Back in February the delightful brook's tummy started to become quite round and it became obvious she had little babies in there...well,  on the night of 17.02.20 there were patters of tiny feet (times six <3 ) and Brook was ecstatic (as were we!). To say they were delicious would be the biggest understatement ever but just look at them now! They have all grown in to such beautiful, confident, friendly rabbits and are going to make exceptional additions to any family, this is all down to Mummy Brook's rearing of them and her nurturing temperament. Although Brook is going to miss her babies she is ready to wave them goodbye and wish them the best of luck in their forever homes. If you feel you would love for Fluffbutt and Nectar to join your family then please fill out an interest form for them and you can meet them for bunny snuggles and undoubtedly fall in love with them both.