Please say hello to our sweet little bun Eponine, she arrived in our care having been abandoned in a cardboard box along with 3 other bunnies, all 4 buns were extremely emaciated with Eponine's weight being the most concerning....she has however bounced back to health and done absolutely amazingly with her weight gain, we are extremely proud of this little girl and seeing her transform from just skin and bones to the beautiful perfection she is now has made our hearts content and burst with pride with how far she has come. She is deserving of the very best home ever where she can truly feel like a much loved part of a family with oodles and oodles of love shown to her. The absolute ultimate home for her would include a boyfriend too (if not now, then in the near future as she would love to find a true love in the bunny world also). If you feel you can offer Eponine her forever home then please fill in an interest form for her and come and say hi in person.