Please say hello to our handsome little chap Dakota. Dakota was found by a member of the public straying in the big outdoors which he must have found extremely scary. When Dakota was found he was in a terrible state with his incisors very much overgrown and curling around on themselves, making it pretty much impossible for him to eat anything. Having clipped his teeth back and seeing that unfortunately they weren't aligned at all we have had to take his front teeth completely out. Dakota has adjusted to the way he picks his food up and happily munches away on goodies once again. The fact he is missing his teeth has in no way affected him and his ability to fill his little belly. Dakota has the cutest temperament and loves his snuggles (he is a perfect size so it actually feels as if he cuddles you back), he is very good with other bunnies too (of both sexes) and really is quite a laid back chap…he will make the sweetest boyfriend for any bunny out there! If you have a bunny looking for a cuddly companion then look no further, Dakota's your man!

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