Please say hello to these 2 sweeties Willow (rehomed) (sooty fawn and white) and Clove (black and white), they have arrived at Danaher after their previous owner wasn't able to cope any longer with the number of rabbits she had so has asked for our help in finding them their loving forever homes. These 2 girls have oodles of confidence and are super nosey. They will hop up to you wanting to know all the gossip and never want to miss out on anything exciting that may be happening (apparently EVERYTHING is their business!). These 2 are pretty much inseparable and always binky'ing about together so are looking for a home together where they promise to keep their new family entertained with the antics they are bound to get up to…these 2 will definitely keep you on your toes! If you have room in your home and your hearts for this loveable pair then please fill out an interest form for them or contact staff at Danaher.