Please say a warm hello to the lovely Cheddar and Parmesan, these 2 girls have arrived in our care after their previous owner found themselves a little overrun with multimammate mice and has therefore asked for our help in finding them all their happy ever afters. These 2 girls are quite cheeky and full of character, they are the most confident of the Multimammate's we have in at the moment and will happily come to the front of their enclosure demanding to know the latest gossip! They have the sweetest little party trick where they can both run on their favourite exercise wheel at the same time…albeit a bit of a tight squeeze but they seem to manage it with ease. They will never cease to make you smile at their antics….that's for sure!  

If you feel you would like to offer these 2 beauties their forever home then please fill out and submit the interest form below.