Please say hello to our scrumptious little Blossom, She has arrived at Danaher after being found straying in the big, scary outdoors. Blossom is a beautiful, sweet natured little girl who will make the most perfect addition to most families. She loves snuggles and really relaxes when cradled in your arms enjoying her favourite head massage. She is initially a little nervous when first approached but soon relaxes into your arms when she knows she is safe next to your heart. Blossom informs us that although she loves us humans there is nothing quite like the company of another bunny and it has been a dream of hers for quite some time now to meet a husbun and live happy ever after in the loving paws of a handsome boy. 

If you feel you could offer Blossom the dream home she is searching for then please get in touch or fill out and submit an interest form for her.