Please say hello to our cheeky duo or gerbils Gerb and Bill, they have arrived here at Danaher after being found abandoned in a very unsafe place. Gerb was unfortunately quite poorly when found and was extremely underweight… however after giving him some much needed TLC we can now confirm he is a healthy little cherub again and well and truly ready for his forever home alongside his doting Brother Bill. When we say doting for Bill we mean doting, when Gerb was feeling poorly and not himself Bill would build a nest around him and take care of him, laying right up next to him to share his body heat and keeping Gerb all toasty warm….We really do believe he knew his Brother was poorly and needed some love, to which he more than provided.

If you would like to offer these Brothers their happy ever after so they can put their sad past well and truly behind them please fill out and submit the interest form below.