Please say hello to our mischiefful little boy Benji, he is looking for his forever home after he became too temperamental at being constantly picked up and fussed at a petting zoo. We feel his past life has stressed Benji so much that he now chooses to try and avoid such contact with people and will try all sorts to try and warn people off getting too close to him. Benji needs a calm, quiet home where he can be left to his own devices and only given a fuss when he wants it….it is best that he does the approaching, looking for a fuss rather than have that fuss pushed on him. He would definitely prefer to be the only bunny in the household too as he can sometimes get a little over possessive over his food too (perhaps thinking he is going to be picked up at any given time and not allowed to please himself with when and how much he eats). As Benji doesn’t want company of another bunny we feel his life will be way more enriched if he is able to find his happy ever after as a house bunny so he can be amongst all the activities of indoors, this way no 2 days are quite the same for him and he shouldn’t get bored. If you feel you can teach Benji what it is to be chilled and to enjoy life to the fullest then please fill out the interest form below for him.