Please say a big squeaky hello to beautiful Babybel and her scrumptious little girls. Babybel arrived at Danaher heavily pregnant and gave birth to 7 beautiful little jelly beans within days of her arrival. Even with the upheaval of being moved and being put in new, unfamiliar accommodation Babybel not once thought of turning her back on her tiny babies. Now Mummy duties are way more relaxed she can now once again start to enjoy doing the things that she had to put on hold while she nursed her babies. She has for example taken up running again to get back in shape and does several laps of her spinner each day. Babybel has been such a dedicated, caring Mummy that we feel it is only right to let her keep her little girls with her while she finds her forever home so she can continue to be the super proud Mummy she has been (these can go in group or pairs). If you would like this little family to come and join your family then please fill out an interest form for them and you may well have the patter of tiny paws in your house before too long. 

If you are interested in giving them a forever home then please fill out and submit the interest form below.

Cuteness warning! Babybel's video has her babies in it too!