WE HAVE BABY BUNNIES! We would like you all to meet these 5 bouncy little babies, Weetabix, Shreddie (REHOMED), Kellogg (REHOMED), Cheerio (Reserved) and Granola. These cuties have arrived to us as their previous owner has asked for our help in finding them all their forever homes. We are looking for homes for same sex pairs within this family which will leave a lone buck so we are therefore looking for a home for him where there will be a lone doe awaiting him in his forever home. These boys and girls have all been well handled and are therefore more than happy to be handled and will approach you for a fuss. If you would like to have 2 of these babies join your family or would like a handsome husband for a lonely little girl then please fill in an interest form for who you are interested in (a pair or single buck) and we may well give you a call to invite you to come in for abundant cuddles and kisses with these scrumptious 5.