Our little girl Waffle is now ready to find her forever home after being with us for a short while.

Waffle lacks social skills and finds it hard to trust her human friends so it takes a little while for her to get used to new people. Typical of her breed, Waffle loves a select few people at a time and really enjoys one on one attention. It took her handlers a while to gain her trust but once they were able to it was soon apparent that Waffle is a loving and affectionate character. She enjoys sitting on your lap and lovingly licking your face.

Waffle needs a quiet home with minimal visitors. She would benefit from having safe spaces to retreat to so she can take herself away should she feel overwhelmed. Due to her wary behaviour around new people we feel she would be better suited to a home with no children so there is no unpredictable scenarios that could startle her. 

Waffle finds the outside world intimidating and can bark at passers by and unknown dogs. Someone that has dealt with this behaviour would be beneficial to help her gain confidence and be the super little dog we know she can be!

Once she gains your trust we know that with time, patience and understanding, Waffle will make someone the perfect companion!