Teddy is a Border Terrier cross Lurcher who’s traits are typical of both breeds. We recommend researching both breeds before applying. During Teddy’s early stages of development he was kept living outside, which have resulted in under socialisation and under exposure to new people and new dogs. He was brought online and in this second home he experienced a burglary. Because of this Teddy is of an anxious disposition, where he is reactive to unfamiliar things that he sees as a potential threat, and can be strong on the lead. Since being in our care Teddy slowly made friends with new people, but he is still anxious around dogs. Once Teddy is familiar with you and has a bond, he is the most loving and sweet little dog. He loves to be stroked and if you stop he will paw you for more! He is a really good boy being bathed and groomed, which is great because his coat needs regular maintenance. His favourite thing to do is roll around and dig in our huge enclose field onsite. He occasionally plays with balls but prefers your company more! Training comes natural to Teddy, he knows sit, paw, down and beg, he also enjoys agility. Because of his anxious behaviour he is looking for a very quiet home in a rural setting. He cannot live with dogs, cats, small furies or children. He ideally needs somewhere with land or land access where he can exercise and enjoy himself, as street walking in built up areas is not suitable and is stressful for him. Please get in contact to speak to Teddy’s handler about him more and to discuss foster or adoption. Please only apply if you meet Teddy’s requirements and you feel you are the right home for him.