This handsome boy is our longest stay resident Snowy. Can you believe it? Poor Snowy has been on the lookout for a home since December 2019. He has had some interest but unfortunately these haven’t met Snowy’s unique needs! Snowy’s favourite thing to do is play with his tennis balls. He loves it! He enjoys doing zoomies in our enclosed field and throwing the ball up for himself to catch. Back in March 2020, Snowy became poorly, he lost a lot of weight and wouldn’t eat and wasn’t his springy self! After doing some tests we found out that Snowy has something called Addison’s. This means his body cannot produce the adrenaline hormone. This is something that will have to be managed with medications for his life but luckily for Snowy this is easily done with a tablet a day and a monthly injection! Snowy can get spooked by simple household noises. He needs a quiet, calm and understanding home with a lot of patience to help him learn what home life is all about! Snowy is the biggest goofball here at the Centre and never fails to make us laugh. He is such an affectionate boy and will roll in his bed having cuddles with staff. Snowy can sometimes be vocal around dogs but this is something we are working on. We’ve got to the stage where Snowy can walk alongside another calm dog without reacting. He’s still not at the stage where he can live with another dog, but his socialisation is going very well. Snowy is a firm favourite with staff and all we want is to see him in a loving forever home, curled up on a sofa! If you are interested in Snowy but would like to know more about his Addison’s then please reach out to us. We’d love to talk you through it with our veterinary team! If you are interested in adopting Snowy please scroll down and submit an application form to show your interest in him.

Snowy's video can show you just what a wonderful boy he is! He'd also like you to look at his super Snowy cuddles