Say hello to Snowy! He arrived into our care after being found as a stray so we do not know anything about his history. Snowy’s favourite thing to do is to play and zoom around off lead in our enclosed compounds. He loves throwing balls around and engaging with you to play more! Snowy has Addison's disease, that will have to be managed for the rest of his life. This means his body cannot produce the adrenaline hormone. Luckily for Snowy this is an easily managed illness and isn’t costly! We believe Snowy has never lived in a home before and can get spooked by simple household noises. He needs a quiet, calm and understanding home with a lot of patience to help him learn what home life is all about! He would benefit from owners that are in most of the time to help him settle as he can get anxious when left and to help with toilet training. Snowy needs to be the only pet in the home, and needs further socialisation around dogs. Once you get to know Snowy you will realise he is a big ball of fun! He can also be very affectionate! If you are interested in adopting Snowy please scroll down and submit an application form to show your interest in him.

Snowy's video can show you just what a wonderful boy he is!