This is Scooby! He arrived in our care as the home he was living in was no longer suitable. Scooby is a senior boy with arthritis, and he was struggling with the stairs in a flat accommodation. He is looking for a quiet retirement home with plenty of company and cuddles. He is currently on pain relief and a joint supplement which need to be continued in his new home to help him feel comfortable and prevent further stiffness. Due to the arthritis, Scooby doesn't require long walks, but he still needs to keep moving and active, so a few short 10 minuet walks during the day is all he needs. What Scooby mostly wants is your company, he is currently unsettled in our care as he is pining for his owner, he cant wait for his new family to come along. His favourite things are sunbathing, sleeping, making his own bed and doggy massages! He is well socialised with cats, dogs and children.

To convince you, Scooby has a video to show just how clever (and gorgeous) he is. Watch it here!

If you can offer Scooby his retirement home please fill out and submit the form below, its always sad for us to see older dogs in our care.