Roxy came into our care due to a relationship breakdown. She had spent some time in a crate and it was apparent she hadn't been walked, socialized or exposed to outdoor settings recently. At first, she was anxious of new people and her handlers, but it didn't take long for her to find some confidence and make friends with them. On her walks she was anxious in new places and not knowing how to  walk on a lead, but after following a training plan, Roxy is now so much more confident, exploring new places and walks. She loves long walks in quiet settings, so she is searching for a rural home where she isn't overwhelmed or overstimulated with too much which might cause anxiety. In a new home, we expect Roxy to be anxious at first, but with some positive encouragement and reward alongside routine she will settle in well. Roxy is still anxious meeting new people and is reactive as a result, where she will bark, so we are looking for an experienced home or a home that has owned German Shepherds before, although she is a mix, her character traits are very much German Shepherd! We would also recommend new owners to seek a trainer or behaviourist in the beginning to help with these mild issues around new people and also dogs. Although Roxy has lived with two other dogs previously, she is anxious around new dogs, so further socialization is recommended and she is best suited to being the only dog in the home for now, she also hasn't been socialized with cats. Roxy had lived with children previously, however due to her behaviour with new people, we feel an adult home would best suit her at the moment. Roxy is cuddly and affectionate once you know her, she loves her back being scratched and gets all wiggly, she also loves fetch, balls are her favourite toys! If you feel Roxy is the dog you are looking for and are able to cope with her behaviour and take things slow whilst working with her then please out and submit the interest form below.