Rosie arrived into our care due to her owners ill health. 

Kennel life was a little daunting for her so she is currently doing really well in a foster home.

She appears to have had little exposure and socialisation during her early stages of development with people, dogs and the outside world. This means she finds these unfamiliar things scary and simply needs help to realise things are actually okay.

Rosie is young and has her whole life ahead of her. A stable home that can provide her with a routine, love and help coach her through challenging times for her to gain confidence and new social skills.

In return, Rosie will be a loyal companion and a joy to have around the house. She settles into a home environment quickly, and knows her way around a sofa! However, she can be noise sensitive with cupboards and hoovers, so needs a home that can provide her a calm environment when needed.

Rosie loves to walk and sniff the ground around her, generally walking okay on the lead. Once familiar with her surroundings she is able to go on long walks with her new family. She loves to play in the garden with her toys, her favourite is her rubber squeaky bone! She is now toilet trained in her foster home.

Rosie would love to meet any potential adopters. Please fill in the application form below where it will be reviewed by her handler and if suitable you will be invited to Rosie in her foster home following safe covid-19 measures with Danaher staff.