Norman is a 2 year old Lhaso Apso who is looking for a quiet home without children, dogs or cats. When Norman first arrived he was fearful with everything he faced, it took time for him to trust new people and become familiar in his new environment. Norman uses a crate in his kennel which gives him a sense of security and comfort, we recommend continuing the positive use of a crate. Norman has developed into a confident, affectionate, playful and alert little dog who loves his handlers, he has a very sweet nature, however, he is still anxious meeting new people. He will need a quiet home that can take a slow approach with him, whereby continuing to build his confidence and form a bond with you from the beginning. Consistency, predictability and stability is key for anxious dogs. Norman walks well on a lead and likes the company of other dogs, but he does prefer his own space and isn't confident to live with another dog at the moment - with regular socialisation would be beneficial if you have dogs in the family. Soft toys and balls are his favourite to play with, he also enjoys interacting in food based enrichment. If you think you are a match for Norman and can give him the second chance he deserves in new home, then please fill in an application form below where his handler will review it to see if you are a match.