This sweet little couple are Mo (cream) and Lucy (black). They have found themselves with us after sadly their owner passed away. Mo and Lucy love each other’s company and will happily go out and walk alongside each other having kisses. Mo and Lucy are friendly with meeting other dogs while out and politely say hello so we feel they could live with another suitable companion. This pair are used to the quiet life and are not used to a busy household. They are looking for a quieter home with older teenage children as younger children can scare them. Due to being Lhasa Apso’s and having a continuously growing coat, they need a lot of brushing in between professional grooms! Did you know Lhasa Apso’s typically need a professional groom at least every 6 weeks! This would have to be considered by potential adopters as this will add to the monthly cost of owning this gorgeous pair. Mo and Lucy must stay together as their love for one another is so strong. 

If you feel you could offer this pair a loving forever home then please fill out and submit the interest form below.