Megan arrived in our care after her owner fell ill. We knew Megan had not been out of her home for sometime and therefore was not walked or regularly exposed to outdoor environment or familiarised with people or other dogs. Megan lacked confidence and was cautious and distrusting of her handlers at first, so they took a slow approach and let her take things at her own pace. Following a behaviour plan, Megan was always given options to make her own choices in new situations and with new people. Eventually she learnt that good things come from us humans and as she has learnt to trust, she has become more confident! We expect Megan to be unsure with a new owner and in a new home at first, but we know given time she will settle just fine. Because of this, we would like a new owner to meet Megan a few times at the centre where possible. Megan comes to our socialisation room daily, she loves to relax in the company of people whilst we chat away and eat our lunch, she often finds herself a cosy spot where she curls up and sleeps! At first she was spooked by little noises, like a kettle, but she is now so confident that she will sleep, play, have a fuss or do zoomies! Her ideal home would be a quiet home with few visitors - she is a sweet character who has a calm, quiet nature, she is a perfect dog for someone who wants a gentle companion who will laze the day away. Megan is best suited being the only pet in the home - more socialisation around dogs is needed where she can gain confidence meeting new dogs. Although previously having lived with a dog, Megan lacks confidence with new dogs and likes her own space at the moment, she has never been socialised with cats either. She is 7 years old and is in great health, she loves her walks and can go on long walks where she must sniff everything! Passing traffic, people or dogs on a walks doesn't bother Megan. 

If you have owned dogs before where you've had to help them gain confidence or you are looking for a calm companion and you like the sound of Megan, please fill out and submit the interest form below. 

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