We would like you all the meet Marley! Marley has been with us for a year now and is patiently waiting for his new home to come along. Despite having been with us for a long time, it does mean that his handlers know and understand him really well.
Marley is an intelligent, loving and loyal dog with a cheeky character, he's a favourite amongst the staff. It is a pleasure to be in Marley's company and go for long walks in the countryside with him.
On his adventures he likes to pick up sticks, play fetch, find water and have a splash around or even just sit by your side for a cuddle. He will walk on a loose lead, but also has good recall with his handler, if he goes too far ahead he waits for them to catch up! or he will walk to heel off lead. He's been on many days out an has behaved impeccably, he listens to his handlers every word. He is relaxed and calm around dogs, he will say hello or ignore and walk on if asked, he really is the perfect walking companion.
Sadly Marley experienced a traumatic past which explains some anxious behaviour in him that will be seen in the home. Some training and socialization around the home environment will be needed to help Marley settle with his new family. Experience of owning a dog before and willingness for training is essential.
Please contact us if you can makes Marley's dreams come true of finding a new home to finally call his own.