Lovely Lynn was found as a stray and had been used for hare coursing. Because of past life experiences Lynn is a little wary and anxious meeting new people. 

The staff have all got to know her very well here and she has shown them all her extremely loving and affectionate personality, she enjoys cuddles with her handlers! 

We have training plans in place where Lynn is positively exposed to new people, making meeting new people a really positive experience. She is learning and becoming more and more confident by the day, she has made friends with lots of our volunteers here. You can see how well she's doing by going to her Facebook videos. If you scroll down on our Facebook page you can also see how much she loved her trip to the woods.

Lynn is highly sociable and loves other dogs, she has so many friends here at the centre and it also helps her relax and boosts her confidence. We feel she would benefit from a home with a companion. She has a typical exuberant and boisterous play style so the other dogs would have to also be playful and match her play style. 

If you have the time and understanding to help Lynn gain her confidence and slowly form a loving bond between you, then please get in touch with us to find our more.