Say hello to our gorgeous girls Luna and Ruby! They found themselves in our care through no fault of their own and are looking for a forever family together. These two are very attached to one another and love being in one another’s company! This pair love their toys! They will pick up a toy and bring it to you when they’re excited to see you. Both Luna and ruby are large and energetic breeds and can be very excited and full on at times so we feel slightly older (and taller!) children used to large dogs would be better suited. The pair of them are ever so affectionate and love their walks. They play brilliantly together and are really great at sharing their toys and having a run around in one another’s company. They can both be slightly reactive on lead towards other dogs through frustration and lack of socialisation and this is something that would have to be worked on with potential adopters. They are both house trained and haven’t previously shown destructive behaviours in the home. We have recently found out that Luna had urinary crystals and so she is on a special urinary diet. This may have to be continued in the home as she will be prone to this in the future but there is the possibility that she could be put onto a high quality diet that supports urinary function. This loving pair are guaranteed to bring excitement and laughter to your lives and would make a brilliant addition to the right family. If you are interest in rehoming both Luna and Ruby together than please fill out and submit the interest form below.