Kylo arrived with us in an underweight condition and with common aliments often seen in bull breeds, and his previous owners could no longer afford veterinary treatment. He has now received the correct treatment and slowly gained weight in our care, he is now a much more happy, healthier and stronger boy. Kylo is a good all-rounder dog, he walks great on a loose lead, he can be excitable at first but soon settles and walks on a lose lead. He absolutely loves his toys, whether its playing fetch with a tennis ball or chewing something whilst laying by your side. Kylo wants nothing more than to be in your company, he will try to sit on your lap or lean into your for a big fuss! Hes a great dog and would suit most families who have had some experience with dogs, and children that have lived with dogs before. Please get in contact if Kylo could be the perfect addition to your family!