We are pleased to introduce to you all this stunning girl Kylie who is now ready to find her new home. Behind the scenes here at Danaher. the animal welfare team have been continuing to work with Kylie for the past month to help her feel safe and confident in the outside world. She had been confined for sometime and had little exposure to the normal world. Now she is enjoying life and learning what being a dog is all about, she is eager to find a new home and start the next chapter of her adventures. 

In her new home she will need to take things slowly, and the environment must be just right for her. She loves other dogs to play with but also to help guide and lead the way in new situations, because of this we would like to rehome her with another dog as it will help her in a new home. 

Kylie loves people and is very affectionate, she will be a loyal companion and make a perfect pet once she has found her paws.

If you would like to know more then please get in contact with us at Danaher, alternatively, fill in an interest form below to register your application for adoption.