Hello everyone, this beautiful little pup is Koga! She is looking for a home that can help her learn and develop whilst she brings you all the joys of owning a puppy!

Koga has all the best traits of a Beagle and Jack Russel combined! So if you are crazy about these breeds, you without a doubt will fall in love with her! 

It is in her nature to explore with her brilliant Beagle nose and the hunting instincts of the Jack Russell, her nose is always down to ground on her walks finding out exactly what’s around her! 

She is great with other dogs, she enjoys playing and sharing toys, we would love to find her a home with a friend with or where she can have play dates and socialise with others.

Koga will need to continue some basic training around the home that any puppy at her age typically needs. Naturally, she is highly intelligent, so this shouldn’t take long with consistent positive reward based  from her new family. 

If you would like further information please get in touch with us, alternatively you can fill in and submit the interest form below to register your interest in adopting Koga.

Please only submit your interest if you have previous experience with Beagles, we are looking for specific experience to ensure new owners really understand Koga and all her Beagle traits!