Jess is an adorable little dog with lots of character, she will make a loving companion, and despite her age she is still very active. 

Jess is deaf, so needs a patient and committed owner who is confident in dealing with the challenges and rewards that owning a deaf dog brings. It is essential her new home has a secure fenced garden for her to safely explore in. 

Her visual senses are heightened due to the loss of hearing, so using hand signals is great for Jess. She has already learn signals for sit, paw, stay and come, she is so clever! 

There are other things to take into consideration around the home with a deaf dog so we recommend you research caring for a deaf dog before you apply for adoption.

Jess will benefit from a home that can provide her with plenty of routine and consistency to help her feel secure and happy, she can get worried about being left on her own so needs a home that can help her with that. We have started crate training Jess here, and we recommend giving her this safe and secure space in her new home. 

She also loves her toys and playing, but most of all Jess' favourite like is your company and a fuss she is a sweet, loving and affectionate dog.

If you feel you can give Jess her new forever home and meet her needs, then please fill out an interest form below.