Say hello our lovely girl Huntess. She arrived into our care through no fault of her own and is looking for a home with Shepherd or larger breed experience! She was very underweight when she first came to us but has since put on a whopping 8kg! She is an incredibly affectionate girl who craves human interaction. Huntess is very typical of her breed and will need further training in the home. She is highly intelligent and would benefit from someone that understands this and has experience of her breed or similar. In the right home and with enough mental stimulation and physical exercise, Huntess will thrive in an environment and show her true potential. She has only ever lived outside so this needs to be considered by potential adopters when bringing her into the home environment. Huntess is undergoing training on the lead however this is going extremely well. She can be unsure of dogs and is also undergoing training with how to react around them, again this is also going extremely well because she’s so smart! Huntess can get over aroused very easily so needs to be in an adult only home and to be the only pet. She is a dog that is going to require a lot of knowledge and training so would highly benefit from a confident and experienced home. She loves tennis balls and is highly motivated by food, so training is something Huntess is very interested in!

And if you're still not sure if Huntess is the dog for you, look at her wonderful video!

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