Hollie is a beautiful German Shepherd who is playful and loving, she will make a perfect companion for someone who loves her breed and wants a loyal companion.   

Despite being an older dog she is energetic and loves her walks but exercise will need to be managed as she gets older and a bit stiffer, we have her on a glucosamine based supplement at the moment to help promote joint mobility. 

She would benefit from a quite household where she can have the opportunity to take herself off and rest or sleep. 

Hollie enjoys the company of other dogs so could potentially live with another that is perfectly matched. Her preference is a medium to large male dog, she can be a boisterous player so the other dog will need to be confident and playful too. 

She has a gorgeous coat that will need regular maintenance, but the great thing about Hollie is that she doesn't mind being brushed and made to look beautiful! 

If you are interested in adopting Hollie please fill in an interest form below.