This is Fritz! He came into our care after his previous family could no longer cope with a dog in the family. Fritz is looking for a quiet, adult only home that is understanding of his history. Being an older boy, all Fritz wants is a peaceful home where he can be left to enjoy his relaxation time and where his owners won't expect too much of him. If you are interested in Fritz and a suitable match for his behavioural needs his handler will discuss his history further with you. Fritz responds positively with new people, he is a friendly boy and loves affection. Despite his age, he is an active chap and enjoys being out and about on long walks without issues, he also loves playing with squeaky toys or interacting in fetch in our enclosed exercise areas. Fritz is relaxed passing dogs on walks, he will walk side by side with other dogs calmly but he isn't a playful dog and doesn’t interact with others. Fritz lacks confidence at the vets and sometimes requires a muzzle, dependent on what the vet is doing, so this is something that owners must be able to cope with and can work with him to help build his confidence. Here at the Centre we have found him to be confident with our vet and being touched all over without issues, so it could be a case of the environment and situation that he is unsure of. At the groomers Fritz is well behaved and is okay to be brushed in the home. Fritz prefers just a good quality dry food in the home, lower quality and wet food types can upset his tummy so he needs a high quality senior diet. He travels really well and is house trained. Please contact us by submitting the interest form below if Frtiz is the right dog you are looking for, and a perfect match for your family.