This lively little fella is Fidget! Fidget isn’t coping well in the kennel environment and so is spending his days with the reception team getting all the attention he craves. Fidget is a well socialized boy and has previously lived with another dog. He would be better suited to a younger dog companion that can match his energy levels and play style. Potential adopters would have to take into consideration that Fidget does not cope in kennels, he would be better suited to a live in dog sitter if his family were to go away! It would be even better if Fidget could go on some holidays with you! Fidget craves human company and absolutely loves cuddles. He would benefit from a family that will not leave him for long periods of time as he can become anxious. Fidget has grown up and lived with young children so could live with similar aged kids. He can be quite boisterous and not realise his size so young children would have to be used to dogs.

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