Ezra is a stunning Anatolian Shepherd - which is an ancient guardian breed and known to be used for livestock guarding. They are intelligent and loyal dogs who generally integrate well into a family lifestyle - we feel Ezra could live with older primary school children. Due to the nature of her breed and history, she will require a home with a large garden or land where she can have access to the outdoors and come and go as she pleases, she is the type of breed that would prefer to spend most of her time outside, however she still enjoys the home comforts and attention of her owners. Ezra is a sociable dog, she enjoys the company of others so could live with the right dog, a large male dog would best suited - she is a gentle player so would need another gentle dog, she doesn’t always like legs on her head during play. Ezra appears not to have had any socialization with cats and is reactive when she see ones, so therefore cannot live with a cat. At the vets she is really good, also having a shower and brush she is well behaved. On lead she doesn’t pull, and walks to heel, however it must be considered that due to her size she can be strong. Ezra is a loving and affectionate dog he is super cuddly and loves to be stroked and have your company. If you would like to discuss Ezra further and potential adoption, please fill in an interest form which will be reviewed for suitability by his handler.