*Please research the breed before applying*

Ezra is looking for a home that can meet her breeds needs and also manage her health condition through exercise and medication. An Anatolian Shepherd is an ancient guarding dog, they are intelligent and loyal dogs who generally integrate well into a family lifestyle. Due to her working instincts, Ezra prefers being outside where she is stimulated by her environment, meaning she requires a home that can accommodate this with either a large garden or land or even with an outside kennel - however this isn't essential and she does enjoy home comforts and lots of affection. Ezra has bilateral hip osteoarthritis and if well managed, she will live a happy life alongside a joint supplement and a daily tablet to help relieve pain and inflammation.  Exercise will need to be restricted and monitored in the home.

Ezra is friendly with everyone she meets and is very well socialised with people and we feel slightly older children of around 10 years old in the home would be a match for her character. Due to her condition she is unable to live with a dog as play could lead to further pain of her joints, but she can socialise. Around cats, she is alert and will instinctively chase, so she must be the only pet in the home. Her only other requirement is that you can provide her with lots of love as she is really the most sweetest and gentle girl. Anyone who meets her will fall in love with her and her sweet nature straight away! If you have read all the information above and feel she is the dog for you and you are the owner for her, then fill in an application below. Her handler will read your application and give you a call if you match her needs.