Eric arrived into our care after his owner moved aboard for work purposes. At first he found this environment and the loss of his owner hard, where he expressed some anxious behaviour. However, he has settled into kennel life fine now, but if new owners were going on holiday he would prefer to be left with family or friends instead of a boarding kennel. Eric wouldn’t like to be left for long at first, and once he's settled he could be built up to being left alone. In his previous home Eric could comfortably be left for up to 6 hours - since a puppy - without any problems. Eric can sometimes appear an anxious boy with new people or in new situations at first, this includes being at the vets, however he is very tolerant and lets the vet do what they need to do and have vaccinations but he doesn’t like having a bath. Eric loves long walks, and he must sniff everything around him! He is a large breed dog and needs an owner who is able to cope with a large dog who can sometimes be strong on the lead. Eric is tolerant passing other dogs but he does prefer his own space and doesn’t like excitable dogs approaching him. He hasn’t been socialized with cats, so is looking to be the only pet in the home where he can have all the attention to himself! In his new home, a hypoallergenic diet will need to be continued for his skin - otherwise other food types can cause him to get itchy and irritated skin. Eric loves running around our enclosed field and playing football - its his favourite game to play! If you are interested in meeting Eric or want to know more, the please fill in an application below where it will be reviewed by his handler.