Our darling Doris is a lovely and calm little character. She is hoping it won’t take her long to find a forever family! Doris came into our care after she couldn’t settle due to a new addition to the family. Due to this, Doris is looking for a home on the quieter side where she can settle back into her home comforts with ease. She is a lovely little character who is always happy to see you. Doris walks along side other calm dogs well; however, she prefers it if they aren’t too eager to say hello! She happily plods about and takes in all the smells of her environment as she goes. Doris is a calm and reserved girl but once she knows you she quite happily comes over for a fuss! She has had some difficultly in the past with learning where to go to the toilet so some house training may be in order! She can become a little anxious when left alone, and especially likes sleeping near her human companions, so someone that is open to work on this would be beneficial – even better if you’re around a lot during the day! Doris would love to be in a home as soon as possible so please fill out an interest form below.