This is Diesel! He found himself in kennels after his previous owners could no longer cope, he has sadly found himself in two rescue centres now, but he is doing amazingly well in our care. On arrival at Danaher, Diesel was a typical puppy that had no previous training, he was excitable and would playfully mouth, and being a large breed these behaviours were heightened. With daily positive reward based training from his handler, Diesel's behaviour has greatly improved. To begin with in the home this behaviour may be seen when he gets excited, so new owners must be able to cope with excitable puppy behaviour and manage it through training. Diesel needs a family who has owned large breeds before, as he is strong. Diesel is a big boy and is mastiff size. Large breeds mature slower compared to other breeds. Now being one years old, he has stopped growing in height, but his bone growth plates and muscle are still developing, he is currently big 47kg! So new owners must be able to cope with his size and strength. Despite this, he actually walks lovely on a loose lead and to heel in quiet surroundings, and he is also halti trained. His ideal home setting would be somewhere rural, a busy urban setting would not be suitable. Diesel gets overstimulated with a lot going on around him, so quiet areas for walking would best suit him. A large garden or land would be ideal for Diesel where he can spend his days outside just simply being a dog and exploring! But he would love to be close to his human companions and be in the house too for cuddles and bedtime! Diesel is such a lovable and gentle character who is craving a family to call his own, there is never a dull moment with Diesel hes full of character! Sadly this poor boy has spent all his puppy months in kennels . He has an amazing bond with his handler and has learnt a lot in our care, but he now needs to be in a home environment where he can progress further and get the stimulation he needs. He's dog social so can potentially live with another that matches his play style. Being a big dog the other dog needs to be very tolerant of young excitable puppies that have a rough and tumble play style and mouth. He is super cuddly and loves to lay down and relax by your side, loves to play with sticks he finds on his walks, enjoys a bath and groom, but mostly he is a huge water baby, its so fun to see him enjoy himself having a splash around! Diesel is also good at the vets. If Diesel is the right dog for your and your family please get in contact with us, his handler would love to speak to you.

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Diesel has a video on Facebook, where one of the staff will tell you all about him. Watch it by clicking HERE