We would like you all to meet Brody!  Brody was found as a stray so we do not know anything about his past. On arrival Brody was really nervous of people and his new surroundings, but his handler took things slow and let him go at his own pace, with positive reward he learnt to trust his handler and showed them his affectionate and excitable character. Brody now walks with new people, he is still unsure at first but gains confidence when he's out on his walk. We have been mixing Brody with other calm dogs that match his play style and he really benefits from this type of socialization. It would be nice for Brody to find a home with another dog that can show him the ropes in  home environment and help him gain his confidence. He needs an understanding home that can work with him, in return his will make a loving member of your family. Get in contact or fill in a form if you can offer him his forever home.