Booboo arrived into our care due to not getting on with the other dog in the home. She is a sweet and affectionate little dog who is friendly with everyone she meets, she always rolls over for belly rubs when meeting new people. It’s hard not to fall in love with her sweet character and face.

BooBoo is a lovely mix of Yorkie and Chihuahua and is a confident and alert dog. Her ideal home is somewhere quiet, she is not suited to a busy home or family with young children or other pets. Around other dogs she does prefer her own space, she will walk with and tolerate other small dogs, and can be cautious around larger dogs due to their size. On the lead Booboo isn’t strong, but can pull when she is excited to go for her walk, however, this is manageable due to her size and she soon settles once you get going. 

Booboo would love a garden of her own to play in, she loves tennis balls, fetch is her favorite game, and going for long walks. At the vets she is very well behaved, she tolerates being brushed and bathed, her coat will need brushing regularly in her new home. We are looking for owners who have had some experience owning dogs before or who able to deal with behavioral issues if any should arise. 

Please fill in and submit the application below if you meet the requirements. Your application will be reviewed by Booboo's handler.