Bonnie arrived into our care due to her owners ill health. Kennel life was a little overwhelming for Bonnie and she is currently doing really well in a foster home. She settled into the foster home straight away, it didn't take her long to feel comfortable and be happy, but more importantly find a perfect spot on the sofa! 

She is such a loving, loyal and affectionate staffie who would be perfect for a family who is familiar with the breed and their lovely nature. Overall she is a laid back dog who often lounges around the home and isn't phased by much. Once her surroundings become familiar she really enjoys playing in the garden with her favourite toys and exploring the outside world on her walk. She loves to sniff on walks and appears to be on a mission so she can pull slightly but is manageable. 

Bonnie would love to meet any potential adopters. Please fill in the application form below where it will be reviewed by her handler and if suitable be invited to meet Rosie in her foster home following safe covid-19 measures with Danaher staff.