This precious pair of pugs came into our care due to owner's work commitments. They are an elderly couple who are looking to retire together, to a quiet home with a lovely garden they can enjoy. They are unsteady on their legs, so are unable to go for walks, they would love to spend their golden years with companionship and a lovely home environment to relax in. Being senior dogs, they have some mild health concerns that will need monitoring as they age. The pair have some neurological issues affecting their gait - they have a wobbly walk! We are giving them some medication to promote a healthy brain and nerve function. To help with any joint discomfort, we are also giving them a joint supplement to help promote mobility. Bertie has cataracts, but it doesn’t affect his vision at this present time, they have an eye drop each to aid corneal repair. We recommend this is continued to see how they go in the home. They’ve recently had a dental and do not have many teeth left! Sometimes they need a little help with eating their dinner, but not much as they do love their food! They are well behaved at the vets, having injections or a bath and medication. They can live with young children around 6 years old and also other small, calm dogs. they’ve previously lived in a multi dog household, but haven’t had any previous socialisation with cats. 

This couple couldn’t be anymore affectionate or adoring even if they tried. Bertie & Betty are full of character and charm and have faces that just make your heart melt. If you able to offer these two their retirement home together please fill in the application form below.