Our beautiful girl Berry is ready to find her forever family after being with us for a short while. She is a 6-year-old Doberman and is looking for a family experienced with the Doberman breed. 

Berry loves human interaction and is often ready to say hello to people she meets so she can have a cuddle and a belly scratch. She is a very affectionate and sensitive girl and will love to sit with you soaking up all the attention she can have. Berry is a clever girl and picks up training quickly. She knows commands such as sit, down and touch and would love someone that likes to teach tricks so she can help build a bond with her new human! 

Berry loves her walks but can become overwhelmed by the sights and smells of the outside world due to being under socialised. Due to this she can sometimes be strong and can bark at other dogs when out on a walk as she prefers her own space. She finds it hard to manage her emotions in overwhelming situations when out and about. 

Berry is having training at the moment to help overcome this so someone that is willing to put training in place to help Berry when out in a home would be ideal. Berry is hoping to find a family soon so she isn’t in kennels for much longer. She is craving a family to dote on her and give her all the attention she loves. We’re hoping it won’t be long until Berry is snuggled up on the sofa with her new forever family. 

Berry is looking for an adult family as we feel the noises and busyness of younger children being around would unsettle and scare her. We are looking for a home that is experienced with large breeds and can be around during the day to help settle Berry into home life. She hasn’t had much interaction in a home and can need a lot of human reassurance so we are hoping someone would be around a lot during the day to help create a stable routine for Berry. 

If you feel you can offer Berry the experienced home she is looking for, then please fill out an interest form below.