Beautiful Bella arrived into our care after first time dog owners could no longer cope with some of Bella's behaviours. Bella appears to have not had much socialisation or exposure to other dogs during early stages of her life, which had led to some anxious emotions when she sees them. The great thing about Bella is that she is highly responsive to training, she is a very intelligent girl, who would benefit from training around dogs to encourage positive interactions and better social skills.

Bella already knows sit, down, paw, touch and is muzzle trained. You can see her training in action in her videos in Facebook - click here,

Bella had started crate training in her previous home which could assist with learning to be left alone and sleeping on her own overnight. All Bella needs is consistency, predictability and stability through routine, and an understanding, patient owner to help with her anxiety. In return Bella will make such a loyal and loving companion, she is so affectionate. She loves her toys and to lay around in the sun. Bella is very well behaved at the vets and having a bath and brush. She doesn’t pull on the lead, unless she sees a dog. She enjoys running around our enclosed fields, so would love a garden of her own.

If you would like to know more about Bella to give her a forever home then please fill out and submit the interest form below, her handler would love to speak to you.