This lovely greyhound we have in our care is called Barrett! Barrett was picked up as a stray, so we do not know anything about his past, and no previous owners have come forward for him. It didn’t take his handlers long to get to know him at the Centre. He is a cool, calm and collected character! Super friendly with people. If you're out and about walking he loves to go and say hello to everyone to have a stroke. We do not know if Barrett has lived with children before, after assessing him we feel he could live with young children as he's so friendly and calm. Barrett is sociable with other dogs, again he is relaxed and calm, he particularly loves the company of other sighthounds, whether its walks or exploring in secure areas off lead. Being a sighthound, Barrett has a very high chase drive. He will not be able to be let off lead, or live with cats and other small furry pets. He needs a home with a garden that is fully enclosed, secure and has a 6ft fence. Barrett is a superstar at the vets, he's very tolerant of having things done or being examined. In his life at some point Barrett appears to have had an injury which has resulted in him having a slightly uneven gait and conformation - this isn't anything to be concerned over, and shouldn’t cause him any issues in the future and doesn't currently restrict his exercise. If Barrett is the right dog for you then please submit the application form below. Your application will be reviewed by his handler to see if you’re a suitable match for his requirements.