Aston is a stunning Belgian Malinois Shepard. They have a herding history and working abilities, but also make fantastic loving family members. That having said, we do recommend you research the breed before applying. 

Aston is such a friendly boy and well socialised with dogs and people, he loves men and women. We feel he would suit living with children secondary school age that are used to large dogs. 

Aston has a natural motivation to train or work, and is an intelligent dog who needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation to fulfil his desires and ensure he is a happy dog. With the right amount of stimulation Aston will make such a loyal and loving companion, he has a very affectionate, cuddly and sweet side to him.   

He is friendly and sociable with other dogs and so playful, he would love to have a companion in the home. The current dog in the home would need to be well socialised and match his playful character.

Aston isn't well socialised with cats so cannot live with them. 

He is amazing at the vets, and all round a very well behaved boy. He came into our care after being seized from a warehouse, so he may need some basic training around the home, but he will pick anything up quickly as he is an intelligent dog. 

Applicants with Shepard experience is preferred. We are looking for a home with a garden and another dog. 

Please fill in an application below if Aston is a match for you and what you are looking for. You application will be reviewed by his hander and you will be invited in if successful. The first person to meet him will fall in love with his sweet character.